Great to work with you! I found the marketing strategy session very useful and enjoyable, and it helped me to focus and decide on priorities. Your listening skills helped me to clarify what needs to be done next and your full attention made it a really good use of time.
— Carole Longden, Event Cow

Virtual Marketing Management  

You're a small business or organisation and need expert marketing advice and support but have no-one with the expertise and experience in-house?

You want to drive results from integrated marketing campaigns but can't afford a full time Marketing Manager? 

A virtual Marketing Manager will provide a flexible and bespoke resource that can integrate seamlessly into your business for a fraction of the cost of employing a senior marketing professional. 

I'll work closely with you to get inside your business, understand your objectives and work with you to grow. From full marketing planning to copywriting, content creation, website management and marketing collateral.... I will tailor my service to your needs and achieve great results. 

I loved the fact that Vanessa had relevant experience of the charity sector, which was important to offering realistic Call to Action. Working with Mrs Social feels a bit like have your own internal agency and the cost of the service was affordable especially given that we had a very tiny budget.
— Nottingham Counselling Service
Vanessa is a strong marketing professional who shows great commitment to her work. Vanessa is someone who stays up to date with current trends in digital and social media and brings an innovative approach to her work. All this is done in a collaborative way - making her someone who can build strong relationships and implement changes with full credibility.
— Ian O'Reilly, Fundraising Consultant