Hi I’m Vanessa Rinaldi and I’m a Social Media Consultant & Facebook Advertising Strategist.

Shopping independent, eating local and supporting small businesses is in my blood - every small business I work with has a BIG story to tell.... I bring these stories to the person sat on the sofa scrolling through Instagram / Facebook in front of Gogglebox - and I make them stop... think ... and act. 

I’ll work closely with you to get strategic about your social media marketing and reduce overwhelm.

I’ll get you excited again about the world of social media and the huge potential it holds for your brand.

I’ll ensure people stop scrolling, get excited about your content and take action … Plus I’ll boost your confidence through 1-1 training or group workshops AND we’ll have tons of FUN on the way!

My mission is to build strong relationships with my client base - whilst giving you the boost you need to take your brand to the next level. I’ll care as much about your business baby as I do my own.

As a linguist (BA Hons in French & Italian), I have always been passionate about the art of communication to build strong and sustainable relationships. With a CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing under my belt, expertise in content strategy and digital copywriting I'll breathe fresh air into your communications....  Plus, I have a killer eye for stunning images and can write you copy that sells - a magic combination on social. 

I was trained as a Facebook Advertising Strategist by one of the best in the world - Emma Van Heusen and can help you to stop lining Mark Zuckerberg’s pockets with your boosted posts and instead get strategic with your Facebook Advertising.

For my clients I bring a wealth of knowledge having worked as a Marketing Manager for large organisations such as Oxfam GB and Parkinson’s UK. I’m a massive advocate of social media for social good.

Working remotely, I am versatile, flexible and adaptable to your needs. Just say hello today and let's have a coffee - in person or online …. whichever but mine’s a macchiato!

Mrs Social is very thorough, has a confident style and is competent & knowledgeable about the complexities of social media (especially Facebook advertising!)
— Yasmin Finch, Post From Panda